FLS Bilingual Pre-School

FLS Bilingual Pre-School is an integrated high-end kindergarten in South China. It is the only "Excellent Student Base" to the Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU (SCNU-FLS). Adhering to the philosophy of “embrace China, embrace the world” of the SCNU-FLS, the core of education is bilingual teaching in Chinese and English, exploratory learning and the promotion of all aspects of children's development, sharing the powerful educational resources and professional logistics support services of the SCNU-FLS.

The kindergarten is located in the new city center of Guangzhou -- Science City of Huangpu District, which is a cluster of advanced technology industries. With the feature of small-class bilingual teaching, we will create a "Bilingual + Exploration + X Curriculum” teaching system, offering day care to 2-6 year-old children, 430 Interest Classes, Summer/Winter Camp and Elite Preschool Bridging Classes.

Special Courses
Bilingual Daycare for Children Aged 2-6 Years Old
【Bilingual Daycare for Children Aged 2-6 Years Old】

Bilingual + Exploration + X Curriculum Teaching System

430 Interest Classes for 2-6 Year-Old Children
【430 Interest Classes for 2-6 Year-Old Children】

Personal Elective Courses, Customized Growth Plan

Summer/Winter Camp for 3-6 Year-Old Children
【Summer/Winter Camp for 3-6 Year-Old Children】

Exploration into Characteristic Themes, Integration of Multiple Fields

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